Complement Your Inspection Business with Sewer Inspection

Home inspectors add sewer inspection to your businessInspectors have a great responsibility when it comes to homes and business and one of the most important aspects is often forgotten about: sewer inspection. For the most part, it is easy to neglect the sewer inspection. After all, the lines are not under pressure and therefore, how much harm can truly come to them? Anyone in the industry, however, knows full well that sewer lines and pipes can be subjected to tough conditions.

In this economy, with the competition high for the jobs that are out there, and with a housing market that has continued to remain slow, every prospect matters. When you are marketing yourself to prospective homebuyers, it behooves you to have as potent a selling point as possible and when you team up with our sewer inspection service, you can help to assure your clients that they will get a thorough report of their new home, from bottom to top and they will be able to rest well knowing that they have made a great purchase, or breathe easier knowing that they won’t be saddled with costly repairs in the future.

Your business doesn’t have to stand alone

Take a moment to look through your local Yellow Pages or other directory of business in the local San Francisco area. If you want to gain a more thorough understanding of the level and amount of competition that you are up against, visit a few of the more successful real estate agencies and find out what list of inspectors they use for their clients. For many of the more popular and successful inspectors, they don’t operate by themselves. They usually have a network of contractors and other professionals with whom they market themselves.

You should do the same. Sewer inspections are one of the most overlooked aspects to any home or business inspection, but as you are probably well aware, this oversight has cost new homeowners thousands of dollars each when they move in and soon realize that something is not quite right with their sewer system.

Be a hero to all of these potential homebuyers and make your own inspection more marketable to real estate agents throughout the greater San Francisco area by teaming up with our sewer inspection team. You will find that your phone will begin ringing much more frequently and you won’t have to worry about slowdowns in the economy or trouble with the housing market any longer. You will have built yourself up to be a formidable force in the home inspection business.

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